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    Kelly Van Unen

              Inspirational Speaker/Educator/Facilitator/Author


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Meet Kelly

For the past eight years, working with and inspiring youth has aligned me with my life's purpose and greatest passion. This path became clear after 16 years of running an all consuming interior design business and progressively feeling an overwhelming lack of fulfillment. I decided to get off the 'treadmill' and began an inward journey of self discovery. Not only did this allow me the rewards of more time and enjoyment being a mom but also created a new sense of freedom for a more conscious and mindful way of being.

I began to work with youth both in the developed and undeveloped world. Connecting young free creative minds allows for perceived boundaries to disappear and fosters the idea of all life being one. As a result of this work, came a conclusion that children in the developing countries were in general happier than the youth her in North America. This was not just my observasion but also that of many of the children.

Recognizing the crutial need for a solution to this epidemic of constant anxiety, fear, stress surrounding our youth, I decided to educate and immurse myself in leadership, heart-led living, mindfulness, passion discovery and personal wellness. All tools that are virtually missing within the traditional education systems today. 

Our children and young adults are living life from the effects of that which comes from the material outside and being deprived of passion and self on the inside. Many feel like they are being swept up in this world and sadly contemplating their worth in society. It is my mission to help guide and develop their soul skills, which will foster strength to make decisions that are most aligned with their true self. With this realization and discovery of the young mind, body, soul, we build healthy, courageous, confident human beings. A world of true happiness, peace and fulfillment.